Merry Christmas!

      This beautiful Christmas morning I heard a gentle whisper to my ear, "Common over. Let's go to the beach..." I immediately woke up and put on my running clothes, shoes, and my fancy Christmas gift hat and grabbed my ipod. I drove to the pleace I usually go but just realized I haven't been there since last April. It is Kopachuck State Park close by in Gig Harbor, WA. 
        It was so quite, yet so enjoyable to be in His presence during my jog and walk on the beach... and watching seaguls diving, and stillness of the water is so breathtaking as I was praying for things in my heart and for the next year. But one point it was so challenging when I was jogging uphill. I did not want to stop. I ended up taking so little steps moving forward on this steep hill. I felt like God was speaking to me, "as things go difficult like this steep hill, take a small step and move forward like what you are doing now. Don't take a big step and don't stop. I will help you."  It was so encouraging to hear it. 

      I hope you are having a great Christmas with your family and loved ones. I just wanted to share this day with you and let's remember that THE LOVE came down to earth to save us and to give us hope. That is the reason of the Christmas... 
       Also, o
n behalf of our Tribal Bridge, I want to THANK YOU for the great year and we wish YOU and YOUR FAMILY a very Merry Christmas and the Happiest New Year! We look forward to the new year with you.

Enkhsuren Enkhtur