Heaven is rejoicing...

The truck engine was running and all of the sudden it stopped, because its water in the radiator was boiling so hard. It needs to get cool down. In the back of the truck nine young people with Cowboys With A Mission from Wyoming, USA partnered with Tribal Bridge were excited to spend some time with a nomadic family in the countryside of Mongolia. Nothing could stop their passion for the Lord! After a while the engine started again. Finally we arrived at Odon's family who is well known and respected as one of the best horse trainers in the province. 

During the three days they helped milk cows, cleaned dung, herded cows and horses. They had a lot of fun with herdsmen and the horses. It was so much fun to see how much Mongols and Cowboys enjoyed exchanging culture and showing each other roping, riding and training etc. 

The herdsmen said, "These Americans are such good people. They are not picky about traditional food, a place to sleep and our life. They are so easy going and so helpful. Even they are so loving on people and have good character. They don't drink alcoholic stuff and act wild like Korean tourists who visited us recently." 

Everybody in the community heard about these American and Canadian people on the team. The news about their adventure in their neighborhood spread like fire in this small community. In the next days more young people came by to see them and especially those who are good at roping and horses. 

Everything has a time under heaven. It was time to leave. The family was not happy. They said it is going to be so quieter when you guys leave. In the end one of the horsemen, who is the second son of the host family said, "I always wanted guests to leave our home as soon as possible. They are a big distraction and no help at all. I felt isolated. I did not want to talk to any people. All I need is my horses, cows and they are the only ones that I communicate with. I have never found myself wanting these people around in my life." Life seemed purposeless to him...

A couple days later he came by town to go to the clinic and stopped by our Tribal Bridge Center to hang out with our group. One of the team members shared with him about who God is and her personal testimony. Next day before he left for home, God prompted two of the team members to share the Gospel of salvation. They invited Tumuruu in a ger (yurt-traditional home dwelling) and explained to him about salvation and asked him if he wanted to accept Jesus. He said, "Yes." and gave his life to Jesus. They prayed for him and gave him a New Testament in Mongolian, a Daily Bread book to read and passed on God's word that says "Ask it will be answered, seek it will be found and knock it will be open." 

"It was a BIG FISH that just jumped into our boat." - said those two friends who just saw God's miracle before their eyes. Yay God! Praise Your Holy name. Heaven was rejoicing that day and still rejoicing today.